CodeFusion Wizard 3_0 details

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    From the doc: 'With CodeFusion you can: - Compare two files for compare info (in Streaming Blocks!) - Simply byte-patch at a particular offset - Find & Replace strings (Pattern '??' bytes also supported) CodeFusion generates a stand-alone Win32 bit Executable! The patch info can be stored in a CodeFusion project file, for later updates. - Small Win32 Executable with Normal/Internal or External Pack modes. - Executable supports: Multiple Files, OpenDialog to browse for target files, Drag & Drop target files, Command Line, Progress Indicator, Backup target files, Wizard Like. - Use your own Text/Layout/Icon - File Size check - File Crc32 check - Executable is Super Fast and Safe - GUI Interface - Web Update support in Wizard Application - Runtime-output Preview/Design editor in Wizard Application (WYSIWYG mode).

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