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    From the doc: ' C.I.A Cruel Intentionz Admistrator By Alchemist Coded in VB6.0 Multi Client Support Resizable Forms. 'Features FileManger - Get drives Refresh Execute exe/bat ect delete file rename file set wallpaper (bmp) play .wav get file size upload download Process Control - get process kill process window control - get windows visible/invisible close window minimize maximize hide window show window set on top/off top rename caption send keys to window Screen Capture - Set jpg quality 1-99 check if dll exists full screen display get screen/active window constant/not consant capture save images to folder Webcam Capture - Set jpg quality 1-99 check if dll exists list drivers set driver constant/not consant capture save images to folder Keylogger - start/stop keylog clear log save log Passwords - get cached passwords save passwords transfers - get transfer name speed of transfer amount transfered Chat - Open/close chat set your nick set there nick set chat caption clear chat save chat Msn - Send to fake login screen get logged passwords Power - Shut down restart force shutdown Server - get server info restart server close server uninstall server Printer - Print Text Browser - Get I.E 5.5 history Get opera 7 history send to webpage Messages - set title set body test message send message send input box Clipboard - get clipboard text set clipboard text Batch Scripting - Make unremovable directorys Deltree System files get system.ini get win.ini get control.ini get msdos.sys get winstart.bat get autoexec.bat change them and upload Redirect Dos - get dos command outputs mouse hide/show cursor swap buttons Server/Edit Server set main port set victim name set password set start up method choose server name after install cgi notify icq notify fake error pack server'C.I.A v1.2 Public Beta By AlchemistAdded in v.1.21 BetaFixed Transfer Remove item bugFile Manager Show Hidden & System Files & Faster :Pupload plugin bux fixed (tryed to upload while you where uploading or download)server builder cancel bug fixedlogger retreiver adds password in password box bug fixedlogger retreiver cgi last ip bug fixedchanging icon issues fixed slightly (remember only 32 x 32 icons)client remembers screen values height & width of each windowoffline keylogger issues fixedimproved encryption (hopefully fixed cgi notify issues)added zonealarm mutex exploit (stops all zonealarm versions loading)

  • Alias

    Backdoor Program [Panda]Backdoor.Ciadoor.10.a [Kaspersky]Backdoor.Ciadoor.11.aBackdoor.Ciadoor.11.cBackdoor.Ciadoor.122Backdoor.Ciadoor.aBackdoor.Ciadoor.loggerBackDoor-ASB [McAfee]BackDoor-ASB.cfg trojanBackDoor-ASB.cli trojanBackDoor-ASB.svr trojanBck/C

  • Exe

    0895ee42.exe3ec8d1fb.exe45534355.exe462ac4c3.execlient.execopy of webcam pic.exeedit server.exeserver builder.exeserver.exeserver_unpacked.exeserver_upx.exe

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    HKEY_CURRENT_USERsoftwaremicrosoftwindows ntcurrentversionwindowsununtime processHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINEsoftwaremicrosoftwindowscurrentversionununtime process