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    from the doc: 'YES THIS PROGRAM WILL GIVE YOU THE HOTMAIL/MSN MESSENGER PASSWORD! ISN'T THIS UNBELIEVABLE? lol :/ unless you don't read this, it is possible. Welcome to this project, it's our latest project but I'm not sure how to bring this, hehe, it's a trojan horse. The idea is that the program is supposed to look like the real msn-messenger program (it's up to you to say if we did a good job on that) and when you login the password plus some little system info (i.e if the victim ever used subseven) This is a complete trojan, it's NOT a client/server one (NO! they're always like that, read the trojans tutor) Ok, so it is complete, but bear in mind that it's FAR from complete. I coded another little program, this prog is to "setup" the trojan, you enter your email addy where you want the info to be send to and you add an additional smtp server (in case the standard one isn't there) I used a very simple xor-"encryption" in here so it's easily decoded so I recommend you to use an anonymous email address (in case someone actually decodes it and traces you back to kick your teeth out of your mouth) So when you use the setup prog it will generate a .dll file (it's invisible in some cases, make sure to copy it with the trojan otherwise it won't work...DO'H) this dll will contain your "encrypted" email address and a smtp server. As soon as the trojan runs it will try to access this file. As I said this program is far from complete but I am NOT going to waste more time on it, as usual I included the source code so you make something of it yourself, for example, if the dll doesn't exist the program will show you an error...which sucks. Ofcourse, it's only 1 line to code but hey, I'm not using the program but you are, if you want so just follow the rules and do what I just said and you'll be fine.'

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