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    from the doc: ''***WARNING, PLEASE READ CAREFULLY & USE RESPONSIBLY*** ***TERMS AND CONDITIONS:*** You must be eighteen (18) years of age or older to use this service. You may use this service only if you are the line subscriber or are authorized by the line subscriber to incur charges on the phone bill. By using this software (Dialer) as a payment method for this content, you will be routed to an International Telephone number to the country of Solomon Island and INTERNATIONAL LONG DISTANCE CHARGES will appear on your telephone bill. Accepting these terms will install this program on your computer's desktop and on the Start Menu. Once connected, your modem will disconnect from your Internet Service Provider and will be routed to an INTERNATIONAL TELEPHONE NUMBER to the country of Solomon Island. An International Long Distance rate will apply, the rate for this content and the call is $6.00 per minute using WorldXchange Corporation as your carrier. Please check with Worldxchange as rate are subject to change without notice. 1. You can terminate the connection by selecting the modem symbol located on the lower right side of Windows 95/98/NT/2000 task bar, then by clicking on the 'Disconnect' button, 2. Your call will be terminated at the maximum of thirty (30) minutes for each connection usage. 3. If you have exceeded your usage allowance, please call our customer services at 1-800 569 8700. For customer service email: [email protected]'

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    Generic Dialer [McAfee]PornDial-167 [McAfee]

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